PC Parts Impossible to Find

By Nathan Casey

With COVID 19 surrounding the earth and effecting millions everyone seems to want a PC right now. It should be known that its not only PC parts that are near impossible to find there are also zero console products out either. The lockdown has put everyone into a stage of uder bordom, and with bordom people look to start hobbes. And what better hobbie than PC building, the hobbie where you collect crazy expenisive items from all different websites and put them together for a device that can get crazy good graphics at amazing speed. I got a quote from a PC YouTuber named LinusTechTips he said "It feels like no matter where you try buying parts you still wont get any." As a PC owner myself I can respect everyone trying to get their dream setup. But there are so many people trying to get dream setups and not enough PC parts at the moment. You cant blaim the companies because no one could really predict this huge change so it really caught them off guard.

Another thing to look at is the fact that these companies are making products like people have never seen before. And to make it even worse they make them so unbeleavably cheap. So with that factor and the factor of this lockdown everyone is jumping on to these parts like they will never get another chance. I myself have a PC and have all the parts after days of looking. And just finshed it today. It wasnt easy at all it took foever and was just so expensive. The main problem we have today is the fact that we have so many people that buy the items then resell them on other website for double the price. They just make buying these item so much harder then they need to be. The companies that make these parts have also raised the prices in these parts due to damand and other reasons.

In the end we all just want a PC or really anything that can run games at good graphics and good frames. It isnt easy for the companies to randomly get their items at as high of demand they have needed them to be for the past while. But we should see the parts going down in demand and maybe lowering in price in the next while once everyone gets the parts they wanted and they stop looking for the items as much. These items are so high in demand there are live streams brodcasting the stock in these items so expect the demand to be high for the next while. After enough of the people that religously search for sertain PC parts get the ones they have been looking for you should be able to get your hands on one.  But expect it to be a few more mounths.

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